There are many millions of old phones worldwide.

They are worth a lot of money for both consumers and service providers.

These also need to be recycled for the sake of the environment.

With Cellomat we can turn these phones into money,
in a fast and simple way.


To leverage our unique technology for revolutionizing how mobile phones are traded-in and traded-up, and deliver unprecedented value to consumers and service providers, while helping to clean up the planet from device-related waste.

The Cellomat Advantage

One kiosk,
one-step process

Increasing trade-in, trade-up
transactions by 6x!

It’s never been
so easy

Cellomat is changing the rules of the game with our app and kiosk solution

Typical Process

Long, cumbersome,
inconvenient, many steps

Cellomat Process

Easy, one step, gift-card,
Tango-card reward,
or new phone on the spot!

Technology & Process

patented technology

Cloud-based solution

App and kiosk for a
one-stop, one-step process

The Process
  • One place for trade-in/up services

  • One step for pricing, payment, picking up, and dropping off

  • High accessibility: on demand, 24/7

  • Combination of offline and online capabilities

  • Fully managed logistic process

The Technology
  • Phone evaluation on the spot

  • Image recognition of photo taken

  • Combined with the mobile app diagnostics

  • Secure delivery via carrier used for both delivery and as a safe

  • 6 granted patents

Ready to
get started?

Start your process anywhere
with the Cellomat app
(or at the Cellomat kiosk)

With the app

  • You can diagnose and evaluate phone worth & pick a Cellomat location nearest you for the transaction

At the Cellomat kiosk

  • Deposit your old phone

  • Select trade-in, trade-up, or click-and-collect cash

  • Cellomat evaluates the phone in real time (if not previously by app)

  • Cellomat displays phone’s worth

  • Lets you select the accessories you want

  • Gives you cash or your new phone and accessories- on the spot!

For Service

Cellomat enables you to revolutionize the mobile device life cycle services you provide customers.

We offer the Cellomat kiosk and app as a white label offering so you can boost your brand, increase revenues, and enhance customer loyalty, with a one-stop-shop, on-the-spot, anytime, anywhere service for repair, trade-up/in, or online purchase pick up.


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