The new customer journey
for mobile phone trade-in and trade-up.

01 About Cellomat

A quick summary

The Cellomat GmbH was founded in 2012. It offers consumers a fast, convenient, and safe way to sell used mobile devices through automated kiosks located in retail locations and get refund on the spot.

As part of our mission to promote reuse, we also offer consumers an easy way to purchase certified used mobile devices directly through Cellomat kiosks.

Cellomat is an innovative commercially and technologically proven platform and has had a presence in Germany since January 2019.


With Cellomat we can turn old phones into money, in a fast and simple way.

Our Shareholders

Cellomat’s Chairman, Director of Bank Hapoalim, Former CEO of Partner Israel, Former director of Bank Leumi.
Cellomat’s CEO and Founder. More than 20 years’ experience in the global cellular market.
Cellomat’s CFO. Managing owner of Efrat Regav Samet&Co a leading firm in the field of accounting.
Main investor. Former CEO and founder of SCR (sold to Alflex for $250M). A partner in Rimonim venture capital.
Director. Over twenty-five years of experience as senior manager in the private and public sectors. Former CEO, CFO and COO of a large public company and others. Leading M&A processes: capital raising, debt issuing, due diligence, managing the execution phase of mergers and acquisitions.

Our Process

Our unique Technology

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Full Ecosystem

All machines are controlled by our proprietary cloud software that is fully scalable; Supply chain, customer care, reverse logistics as integral part of solution

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AI evaluation

Automatic phone evaliation, diagnostic mobile app, customer identification

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6 Granted patents across three patent “families”

90% of unused mobile phones remain in drawers and are not sold such that they constitute a hazard to the environment.


A brief- summary of the
market situation

The market for used mobile phone is a market in which private customers sell their mobile to companies through various sales channels.

The global refurbished and used smartphone
market will expand by 8.9 percent CAGR from 2017
to 2025.

⦁ 90% of unused mobile phones remain in drawers and are not sold such that they constitute a hazard to the environment.

⦁ The mobile is bought and sold primarily online in a complex process that does not exhaust the commercial potential in this market.

⦁ The demand for used mobile phones rises every year.

That’s why people don’t sell their phones

People hang on to old phones for several reasons, such as:


How we save the planet

With Cellomat we help protecting the planet from the harmful impacts of smartphones manufacturing.

Hundreds of millions used cell phones that worth billions of euros are lying around households in Europe without being used, refurbished, or recycled for their valuable materials. If they will be discarded it will cause severe damage to the environment. Cellomat tries to eliminate that, as part of a moment towards a circular economy.

"Our mission is to eliminate all that, as part of a movement towards a circular economy."

Itzik Chayun

CEO and Founder.

OUR Brands

Our Brands With our two brands - Swappeze and Phone Sell&Go - we buy and sell mobile phones in two different and effective ways.

Swappeze - Full Service Solution


Swappeze – Eastgate Berlin

With Swappeze we provide full service kiosks within high traffic locations. We have a signed agreement with ECE – and successfully launched 2 kiosks in Berlin malls since January 2020.

Phone Sell&Go - White Label Solutions

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PHONE Sell & Go  – SATURN Berlin

With Phone Sell&Go we provide our kiosks as white label products to our collaboration partners. While you focus on in-store promotion, we deal with logistics and phone selling.

for providers

Are you an service provider interestet in our White Label Services?

Explore all the benefts for providers
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