Cellomat - The Kiosk

New customer journey for mobile phone trade-in and trade-up.

Cellomat offers consumers a fast, convenient, and safe way to sell used mobile devices through automated kiosks located in retail locations and get refund or buy new one on the spot.

We help consumer electronics chain to make the mobile trade in in store more efficient and less risk.

White label

Provide the cellomat
as white label.

Refund on the spot

Buy the used smartphone and provide refund (credit to the store) on the spot.


Deal with
the logistics.

The Cellomat in action

Let's see how it works

One-stop-shop, on-the-spot, anytime and anywhere. For you that means you can profit from a lot of benefits.

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Recommence website

We build for you physical location to increase the conversion rate for collecting phones from the market and make trade up on the spot.

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Trade in

Trade in - buying smartphones from consumers.

Trade up

Trade up - sells refurbished smartphones to consumers as part of trade in transaction.


Issue refund by Tango gift card or PayPal

Automatic (AI)
phone evaluation

Cloud based-

Robotic & Automation

On the spot payment
and fund

mobile app

External API for
web / apps


Six granted


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