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With our two brands - Swappeze and Phone Sell&Go - we buy and sell mobile phones in two different and effective ways.

01 About Swappeze

Cellomat’s own Brand.

Cellomat units are deployed in Berlin shopping centers for trade-in or trade-up. Cellomat has signed an agreement with ECE, the biggest manager of shopping malls in Germany with more than 150 locations.

Kiosk functions:

02 Phone Sell And Go

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PHONE Sell & Go  – SATURN Berlin

02 Phone Sell And Go

Our White Label kiosks

With Phone Sell&Go we provide kiosks as white label products to our collaboration partners. While you focus on in-store promotion, we deal with logistics and phone selling.
We aready co-brand with MediaMarkets-Saturn – The biggest consumer electronics retail chain in Europe. After a successful two-year pilot featuring 6 Cellomat units in Berlin and Hamburg, our agreement was extended until October 2021, with the option of deploying additional Cellomat units at Saturn locations in Germany.

Kiosk functions:

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